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Not a Dentist or Hygienist?


Award-winning, patented POP Technology

Popwhite’s patented, award-winning and clinically proven teeth-whitening system stands out! Our proprietary technology,  POP Technology™, is 100% peroxide-free and effectively cleans and whitens teeth.

Designed specially for Dental Professionals

Popwhite products work on composites, veneers and natural teeth. Whiter teeth for your patients, while eliminating sensitivity and reducing the concentration, duration or frequency of peroxide applications (or skipping them entirely).

Proven patient satisfaction

Patient testimonials for Popwhite’s professional products, state superior results and satisfaction! Be it the instant whitening of Power of Purple, or the vegan and irritant-free Power of Pure, your patients are bound to love Popwhite!

Designed exclusively for professionals

Popwhite’s Power of Purple is the world’s first (and only!) whitening prophy paste – based on POP Technology™, a revolutionary color science technology that ensures instant whitening without peroxide!

Also available is a new irritant-free formulation, Power of Pure, for orthodontic and cosmetic use.

“The first new way of whitening in 30 years!”

Dr. Gordon Christensen


Peroxide free


dentists love it!*


happy professionals till date


orders and growing!

Recommended by dentists

Over 70% of dentists surveyed recommend Popwhite prophy pastes.

Beats the competition!

Clinical studies indicate that Popwhite beats the competition hollow!

Making smiles brighter one polish at a time #POPWHITE

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My patients love #popwhite!

Tasia D WalkerRDH

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